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Katrina Boyle
Katrina Boyle

About the Instructor

Katrina was a senior executive and had extensive experience in a number of management positions over 20 years including different functional roles across HR, Marketing, Supply Chain and Sales. She now operates her own business as a highly regarded executive coach, speaker, author and facilitator with a focus on empowering and facilitating positive change for women and organisations.

Drawing on her academic qualifications in commerce and human resources as well as her extensive experience as a business leader, Katrina is equipped with unique skills and expertise to support clients across almost every department, from small or medium sized companies to blue-chip corporations.

Her program, The Achieving Woman, is a guided program for professional women to empower them to increase their salaries and accelerate their career progression, with courage and confidence.

Katrina’s simple and practical strategies and tools have been used successfully to enable hundreds of women to progress their careers. Katrina’s purpose is to empower women and thus increase the number of females in Leadership roles.

As an advocate for gender equality and increasing the number of women in leadership roles, Katrina has created a popular blog and her articles have been published on Women’s Agenda, Ruby Connection, Women in Focus and Footnotes.

More recently Katrina has been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award.


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Learn how to proactively leverage mentors and sponsors to progress, develop and navigate your career, to achieve your career potential.

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